First Job Interview: Indian Health Service Site

My husband is going to be a non-resident doctor in less than a year, and reality has hit that we have to leave our idyllic Carolina town so that he can find a job.    It has to meet super specific specifications (see the About Me tab for an explanation…), so we have some…. interesting places to look.

First Stop:   An Indian Health Service (IHS) site.

We just happened to be in town (er, on the Res) the weekend of a big powwow.

The IHS hospital here was fantastic and a few different staff members showed us around the reservation, around a nearby town where the non-native providers live, and gave Doc the ins and outs of the hospital.

The morning after our grand tour, I dropped Doc off at the hospital so that he could satisfy some deep and lingering questions, and I meandered up the hill to poke around and be a general nuisance of a white girl at some pre-powwow activities.

Amidst the traditions and magnificent fanfare, I fell in love with this bunch of folks.  They were kind and welcoming and sometimes the irony of what I saw cracked me up.

Their beadwork was like nothing I’ve ever seen before and it was absolutely everywhere that weekend.

These are just a few of the photos I got.  We went to a powwow the night after this and probably the most beautiful, intricate handcrafted outfits I’ve ever seen danced around in front of us.  I’m sitting at an airport right now, so I’ll have to post those later on today or maybe tomorrow….


2 thoughts on “First Job Interview: Indian Health Service Site

  1. Beautiful pictures!!!!!!! I am missing the girls already. Give them a hug for me tonight when you put them to bed.

  2. I always liked much of the native American crafted articles and costumes. Would liked to have been there visiting with you.

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