My munchkins picked out fabric the other day and decided they wanted me to make lunchbags out of it. My oldest girlie decided on a bright pink paisley and her sister chose soft pink with big brown tractors on it, and both say John Deer in big letters everywhere.

So I smiled to myself because paisley and tractors are plain cute, consulted a pattern, cut my baby’s fabric first, put some things together, ripped it all back apart, ditched the pattern, scratched my head, cut and stitched here and there, and finally came up with just the right lunchbag for my four year old to carry to preschool this fall.

Except I can’t post the tutorial I crafted in my head as I sewed tirelessly along…. because my computer is giving me an attitude.

And I can’t do a dang thing about it. It doesn’t respond well to spankings, unfortunately.


I took family photos for someone I didn’t even know last weekend and told her they’d be in the mail on Tuesday, but it’s Thursday, and my computer refuses to hand over the pictures.

So no tutorial because life without pictures is meaningless and dull.

Rebellious computers make this mama very, very grouchy. I need a better discipline strategy apparently.


3 thoughts on “Humph

  1. It is still too cute…the way they are so different. The computer problem is just part of life. Love you sis:”)

  2. why does my screen say your comment is awaiting moderation? And my name is spelled wrong. Oh, well I still think the fabric choices sound really cute!

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