Swimming Holes

Doc had one full day off, it was a hot day, and we wanted to do something fun and cool.  So into the mountains we went, where we found this lovely swimming hole with plenty of shallowness for stress-free munchkin swimming.

And a deep spot with a strategically placed rock overhanging it.

And my husband is fearless.

And I realize this is a 10 foot high jump.  Maybe 12.

Not 85.

But I’m scared of heights.

Even measly little 10 foot drops into crystal clear pockets of water make me want to call my mom.

But I also have pride.

Unfortunately it won’t let me call my mom and worse, it makes me do things that scare me.


I  jumped.

And the sweet family swimming nearby turned and said things in Spanish to my husband that made him look at me and shake his head and laugh.

I took the camera back and, um, deleted a few photos he had gotten of me standing on the rock writhing and wringing my hands.  There are just some things Posterity can do without.

By lunchtime, our secret little swimming hole was packed.  Kids smaller than I would allow were lining up on the slick limestone wall,  jumping, no hysterics, some doing backflips, and having a ball.

I hung out in the shallow end with my munchkin and hoped that she didn’t inherit my obnoxious fear of heights. But if she has, I just hope she didn’t inherit the drama to go with it!


3 thoughts on “Swimming Holes

  1. Juli, you didn’t get your fear of heights from your mother… I remember wondering if that cliff would bother me when we were at the water hole. I decided it would probably not be a problem if I were to try it. Of course, there’s always the possibility of hidden rocks or stumps under the water…

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