This Pumpkin

Who loves the color orange….

Who imitates me more than I care to admit….

Who gets terribly goofy….

and who I love more than anyone in the world (two exceptions to that one),

… This Pumpkin spent a few hours in the quirky ER of our local hospital this evening.

Her daddy, a hot resident with horn-rimmed glasses (yep this combination really is possible), happened to be on call tonight and happened to be home for dinner.  He diagnosed her as having a nursemaid’s elbow (dislocated elbow is the term for us regular folk), but didn’t want to pop it back without an x-ray.  And tough person that he is,  just plain didn’t want to do that to his own daughter, that’s my suspicion.

His diagnosis was correct and she was a trooper.  I almost cried more than she did when the orthopedist popped it back.   But we’re home, the girls are in bed, and I’m um, blogging and leaving the dinner dishes where they’re at until morning.  And basking in feeling deliciously rebellious for doing so.  And still feeling a little traumatized.

My Pumpkin is just fine, by the way.

I, however, am taking a little longer to recover.


4 thoughts on “This Pumpkin

  1. WOW. She was one tough little cookie to not tell you it was popped out, cause I know it hurts! I can’t blame you for not wanting to put it back, though.

  2. Julia,
    Sorry to hear you have one that has Nurse maid’s elbow. We dealt that for quite awhile with Sarah when she was little. We were always making a visit to the pedio. to have it popped back in place cause even though he showed me how to pop it back I could never bring myself to do it. Of course, ours ended with having her elbow put in a cast so it could rest and get stronger cause she quit telling us it was popped out.

  3. Oh, my Juli!
    Poor little Ginia Mae. I am glad that she is okay! Glad she has such a good daddy doctor. : )

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