I’ve got a new look.  Is it too busy?

Lemme  know whatcha think :)

Speaking of busy….

This photo is hereby titled “Too Busy to Smile“.

Or, more likely:

Mom, please put the freaking camera down“.


5 thoughts on “Busy?

  1. The grass makes it hard to read title and archives. But, really, who cares?
    Love seeing all your pics! Miss you!

  2. Hmmmm…..
    I love the concept but I agree with deeda, it’s hard to read some of the words. It’s so fun though…..

  3. I don’t think it’s too busy. I love the colors but the green grass in the background picture makes it a little hard to read the words. Maybe it’s just me getting old. : )The top picture is gorgeous! BTW I love the picture of Gill making the bubbles. : )

  4. I love the new look… but you might want to darken (or lighten) the font on the right hand column. It’s kinda hard to read.

    Cute picture too! =)

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