She Always Finds Me

Now that the munchkins have officially outgrown naptime,  I don’t get a blessed moment to myself.  Not even when I’m in the bathroom unless I shut the door all the way.   And because we live in an old house with a lean, all the doors on the east side of the house either stick or don’t shut at all.  The bathroom door sticks, which means they can’t open it.  Which means I spend more time in there than is absolutely necessary for life sometimes.

Just….   being honest here.

So I’ve taken to setting my alarm and slipping out of bed nice an’ early in the morning since naptimes ran off and left me hanging.  It doesn’t always work, though,  because my youngest munchkin has some kind of sensor attached to her brain that starts to go off if I’m not within 5 yards of her at all times.  But some mornings I get lucky and have a few minutes to sip a *few* cups of coffee and ponder the meaning of life before she awakes and starts my day as a responsible, decision-making adult.

When her brain sensor finally springs her out of bed, she finds me wherever I’m hiding and awakes me from my stupor with Squeaky.

I just can’t write about life without including Squeaky.

Squeaky loves to play with my coffee cups (That’s right, I said Cups. Plural.  Implying multiples. But don’t judge me, y’all.  A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.).

And I’m happy to let her have at whatever will keep her entertained until I have the clarity of mind to at least form a coherent sentence.

The cutest thing about Squeaky, though, is that she has the same lisp that my munchkin has.  She responds to everything with a “SSSSSTHQUEAK!”.

And it’s beyond cute.

As a matter of fact,  it completely melts my heart.

Suddenly it’s okay that she’s woken up and found me hiding from responsibility, cause she’s just cute.  So maybe I can’t quite handle being a grown-up at that hour of the morning, but I can handle cute.  Especially cute with such an adorable lisp.


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