Observations From the Passenger Seat

If  you’ve ever driven through Virginia, you’ve probably noticed that something like every other car you see has personalized license plates.   This state has a wealth of wit, my friend.

Some make Doc smile.

Some make him beat his chest and roar and blame Lexus Drivin’ Lawyers for every healthcare crisis our country has ever faced.

But we’re not getting political because that can get stressful,  so I’ll move on…

Some remind him that good ol’ boys still exist and therefore all is right with the world.

And make him remind me that sometimes good ol’ boys carry shotguns and I might not want to take too many pictures or I might raise suspicion.

He’s a Franklin County boy, too, so he ought to know.

He also loves to freak me out just to watch me freak out, even if he has to exaggerate a little to do so.

We really do have a healthy marriage, seriously. Just in case you’re starting to wonder…

Sometimes I smile at how taking your dragster to the speedway on a Saturday night is somehow a legitimate use of  Farm Use tags.

An’ this Hot Rod is GOIN’ PLACES y’all!!!

And sometimes I just smile.

Happy 4th, by the way!

He found me some Franklin County style flowers to celebrate our 6th anniversary last weekend. Aren’t they purty?

Yeah he knows how to work it.

And he knows that I love him for it :)


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