Bunny Tales: Building Home

This is Crown Mouse.   She was named by a four year old.

Her cage buddy is Princess Rabbit.  My five year old placed a crown over their little bunny run lest Princess Rabbit forget the name with which she was so lovingly christened.

Doc said he would build them a rabbit hutch- and I just needed to make sure he had thought this thing through.

Because I’m a Mom, and that’s what we do.

“Have you ever seen a rabbit hutch ever in your life?”, I asked ever so sweetly.

I didn’t get a reply.

Do you want me to look up instructions online?”, I asked, being as helpful as a wifey can be.

I got a look.

Then he went to Lowe’s and didn’t even ask me to come along and help.

He went right ahead and built a bunny hutch, and he built it to last.

It weighs about 800 pounds and we can’t move it.

I wanted to prove how handy and helpful I can be, so I stapled on the wire.

Have you ever worked with hardware cloth before?  It’s super sharp and snagged my clothes, left my fingers raw and scraped my legs when I tried to squat and kneel and bend into all sorts of awkward positions just to wrestle the dang stuff down.  I said that I would finish, so I finished,  but I left oh so thankful I’m not a manly husband and I don’t have to mess with this awkward stuff the rest of my days.  Be kind to me and don’t think too hard about that sentence.

And Princess Rabbit is especially thankful for her new bunny home, you can read all about why, here.


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