Catching Butterflies

The girlies and I met up with some friends and drove 40 minutes to the Nature Center.

The butterfly house just opened…

and not only can you walk in, but they’ll spray your hands with sugar water so that you can actually catch a butterfly.

Keeping in line with the rest of the nature center, the butterflies and flowers in the butterfly house are native to Appalachia.

Catching them wasn’t even the best part.

They had a live cocoon exhibit where we watched butterflies emerge….

….dry their wings, and get ready to explore their beautiful little butterfly world.

We could have spent hours in there.

We had other things to see, too.

And things to, er, be.

And friends to play with.

Good thing we have a pass so that we can go back!


3 thoughts on “Catching Butterflies

  1. I want to go back there sometime to see the butterflies! Thanks for the pictures. : )

  2. Really enjoyed the pics. of your girls and the butterlies. Looks like a neat place to visit.

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