This Heat Wave…

… calls for some desperate measures.

90 degrees and 175 percent humidity for weeks on end are unacceptable, even in the South.

First things first:

This girlie is way more brave than I was at her age.

And she’s my cautious one.

And secondly:

I’m a good mother, really I am.

Note that this pumpkin is getting a stern warning about the dangers she’s about to encounter.

And note that she absorbs my wise words and goes down cautiously.

Mission accomplished. I’ve done my job.

This one, on the other hand…

… is scared stiff,

…. and is only going down the super steep slide because her sister did.

Sheer pride, that’s it.

And she definitely can’t cry,  because her sister didn’t cry.

And because I’m saying happy things to her in my best cheerleader voice about how nice the water feels and how brave she is.

Good girl.

And thank you for making me feel like a good mother.


3 thoughts on “This Heat Wave…

  1. We went to the pool today for the first time all summer and it was a chilly 81 degrees!!! I’m glad the weather’s been nice for you! I can’t wait to hear how you’re liking CA. And Mary, I hope y’all have found a way to beat the heat. Ugh!

  2. So cute! Sorry it’s so hot! I won’t tell you about how great the weather here in CA has been! I’ll call you sometime soon!

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