It’s Back to Reality

Doc’s back to work after the big wedding weekend at Papa & Deeda’s.

He used up his last two vacation days while we were at it.

You can see that my girlies and I thoroughly enjoyed him taking those vacation days so that we could hang out a little longer at Papa & Deeda’s place.

I stole the camera from Doc and took pictures of my hammock buddy as my other sweet charming baby tried to flip her sister and me in the hammock.

No doubt she was unleashing some pent up vengeance since big sissie found a daisy to pick, and my baby didn’t.  These things matter terribly to a four year old.

Five year olds, on the other hand, are mature enough to instruct their little sisters on the physics required to successfully flip almost 200 pounds of humanity on a hammock.   She is quite the sage older sister.

I don’t know where she got that from. I never act sage towards my widdle sisthers.

Ordering them around is completely another matter however.

(Bop-   I’m serious-  Don’t even think about getting married anytime within this decade or, yea, even the next.)

(Consider yourself forbidden from this day forth.)

(Me & Change don’t get along very well and you reeeaaalllyyyy don’t want to upset the careful balance we’ve got going on.)

I can’t say that this week back home has been quite as peaceful and idyllic as last weekend in Virginia was.   Doc has worked more than any Earthly Doctor should be allowed to work since we got home and he’s finally in bed, and I can finally get my  wifely distraught brain on something other than my Hard Workin’ Man’s utter lack of sleep.

He was so tired that I took his place in the annual New Intern skit event this past weekend.   I even hip-hopped in front of Doc’s very Doctorly colleagues and faculty.

And nobody screamed.

Doc even acted like he knew me afterwards.

This was a very empowering experience.

Just felt a need to share that with you.


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