Got Herself Hitched

My sis-in-law.

I call her K when I’m feeling bossy or lazy, which is often.

My girlies call her Auntie Kristen.

Doc calls her Kristen when he’s being doctorly but says she’s a Goose when he deems she’s being silly.

She got herself a husband this weekend.

Since when was she old enough to do something like that?!

She looked fresh and beautiful.

I felt old and nostalgic.

They got enough pictures to last ’em til they’re 85.

The whole thing was so beautiful, though,  I’m glad it’s well documented for posterity.

Everything was beautiful about the ceremony and reception-  I mean everything.

When Doc and I got married we almost burnt down the oldest building in Xenia, Ohio that hadn’t been razed by a tornado. But that’s another story for another time!

The point is,  everything, I mean everything, was perfect.

A few hours before the wedding, a thunderstorm swept through and almost carried the tent off with it.  We had a few tense moments consulting with the caterer and the florist, making sure everything would be in order should they have to move the whole thing somewhere else.   Thankfully, everything calmed down.

The storms actually were a blessing in disguise.  My car thermostat was registering near 90 at 11am that morning, and after the storm it was a perfectly comfortable 72 degrees.

The next day the tent was still up and all of Uncle Kirk’s family was still in town, so the Price’s put the huge tent to good use before the rental company came to take it down.

For the first time in something like three months, my mother-in-law and K’s mother-in-law finally got to relax.

Uncle Kirk’s youngest siblings are my girlie’s ages, so they all chilled out together too.

I’m coming to grips with the fact that my little-sis-in-law is actually a grown-up now, and that my little sister, Bop, is never, ever getting married.

Sorry Bop, but you’re not going to talk me out of this one.


4 thoughts on “Got Herself Hitched

  1. I will Bop :) And Mom, you’re right, she’ll probably go and do the opposite but I’ll do my best to prevent any rash behavior. I love you Bop :)

  2. Juli…Steph will do just the opposite now just to prove you wrong. It looks like the setting was beautiful. Congratulations to the newlyweds and to the Price family. :”)

  3. oh, don’t worry. i won’t try to talk you out of it any time soon. and tell Kristen congrats for me next time you see her.:)

  4. Thanks for posting these! I feel like I was in a daze and it is good to look back and see what was actually going on. The picture of the bmaids with Kirk is so good and the one of the little ones with their arms around each other is priceless!!!!!!!!!

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