Bunny Tales- Princess Rabbit’s First Adventure

Part of our birthday presents to the girlies a few weeks ago was the promise of a surprise that we’d pick up in a few weeks.  Every day I gave the girlies a new hint-  one day I told them their surprise was going to be very soft.  The next day, very small, and so forth.

Their surprises were none other than Princess Rabbit and Crown Mouse.  My oldest girlie fell completely in love with Princess Rabbit (the one in the pictures).  She was the runt of the litter, had ears much too big for her furry little self, and had been hand raised,  which meant that she was very little and extra cuddly.

My oldest girlie loves her more than almost anything she owns.  It’s the sweetest thing to see, but it also means that we can’t let anything happen to the little varmint-  because my munchkin would be absolutely and irreversibly devastated if something happened to her at this point.

The very first night we had the bunnies, we kept them in a box in the basement until Doc could get a manly hutch built.  The next morning he came downstairs to check on the bunnies-  and he only saw one in the box. Princess Rabbit had escaped!   His first instinct was to check the sump pump since there’s a tiny little hole that would be perfect for a bunny to go hide in.  When he lifted the lid and looked down into the sump pump,  all he saw we two slightly-too-large bunny ears in the water at the bottom.   Preparing himself,  he reached down and picked her up and-   she was alive!   She had survived the night in several inches of water by standing on her hind feet with her nose in the air.

How Doc ever thought to look in the sump pump-  especially before I dumped the dehumidifier water in there for the morning-  I’ll never understand but will always adore about him.  His intuitions are often uncannily correct.  Which means that he probably makes a really, really good Doctor.


When my oldest girlie woke up, we brought Princess Rabbit to her wrapped in a towel, shivering from the top of her plus-sized ears to the bottom of her little fluffy tail.  My girlie sat in the rocking chair and rocked and cuddled her.  It was precious.

And Princess Rabbit had survived her first night.


3 thoughts on “Bunny Tales- Princess Rabbit’s First Adventure

  1. Such a sweet story. Gillie is so compassionate and tender hearted. The mental vision of her rocking princess rabbit is truly a sweet one. <3

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