Learning Gracefulness

The girlies’ dance teacher emailed info about her new place next year and included that she would be teaching adult classes.  I wrote her back and told her that if she saw me dance she would scream.

Which is why….

my Pumpkins are enrolled in ballet class.

My youngest munchkin might have lucked out and gotten more graceful genes than me.

Trust me, that wouldn’t be too hard.

My oldest girlie…

reminds me a little more of me trying to dance.

Bless her heart.

I want them to be more graceful than I’m capable of being for sure,

But more importantly,  I want them to have a hobby that they can use to have fun with.

And she looks like she’s having fun :)

And if the Pumpkins are happy,  Mama’s happy.

Most of the time, that is!


5 thoughts on “Learning Gracefulness

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! They are such cute and sweet dancers. Love them so much.

  2. They are such adorable dancers–and they’re having a blast, it seems. Those costumes are precious, too….lots of memories. :)

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