3 Things That Will Make You Scream

Numero Uno:

Cute little turtle-

wandering through the yard….

Oh my.  Not-so-cute turtle-

get him out of the yard!!!

Whoa!  Not-so-little turtle-

Would snap off my toe walking through this yard!

That wasn’t a poem, by the way.  I don’t know what the heck that was.  Bear with me and moving on….

Numero Dos:

Very, very bad hair day.   Moving on….

Last But Not Least:

And this thing was buzzing.

I’ll always wear boots on our hikes from now on, forever and ever, amen.

Timber rattlers just make me a leeetle nervous.

No zoom lens folks, so no close-ups today.  This is as close as my bare toes would take me.

I apologize for any nightmares this post may have caused you.


6 thoughts on “3 Things That Will Make You Scream

  1. I cant believe you even got as close as you did. That is the first “up-close” picture of a live rattlesnake I have ever seen… and yes now I will have nightmares!

  2. I was a little closer to that snake than I wanted to be! But he was pretty hell bent on heading for his little tunnel, and I figured as long as I didn’t get between him and where he was heading, I was probably alright :) You should have seen Ginia’s face when she ran down the trail with her Daddy to tell me what they found though- she was sooo excited!

  3. You got 2 screams out of me–your hair wasn’t so bad! I’ve had much worse hair days than that!

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