Exploring, Weekend Roadtrip Style

Our estimated two hour roadtrip to Mt. St. Helens turned into a six hour roadtrip since Washington roads haven’t figured out that it’s Spring, but we found some fun and

very very windy spots along the way!

Mt. Rainier graces the sky so regally and non-chalantly at the same time.  It’s a HUGE mountain that seems to appear out of nowhere, but sits as if surprised that you didn’t expect to see it there.

Confused yet?

Found another farm of my dreams…. I love the red farmhouse and classic white barn.

I can’t shake this Midwestern attraction that I have for such things.

Eighteen snowy impassable roads later, we finally made it within sight of Mt. St. Helens.

Very, very impressive.

My oldest girlie is giving her Pirate smile, I don’t think she was too impressed.

And finally, when we made camp for the night at a lovely state park an hour or so away, Doc stole the camera again,  and took this picture that completely astounded me , again.   He’s gotten into the bad habit of that lately.


2 thoughts on “Exploring, Weekend Roadtrip Style

  1. Love these pictures, too. The picture of Ginia holding Gillian’s arm is adorable and Gillian’s pirate smile is so cute. I love the picture that Justin took. He is pretty good with a camera.

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