Papa & Deeda flew out with the girlies the day after we arrived and spent the first week here with us.

This is Deeda, my very Southern mother-in-law, putting up with my not-so-sneaky attempts to get a picture of her while standing out in our temporary Washington yard.

She’s a beautiful person, a hard worker, thoughtful, and I feel like you can see all of that in her face.

And I wish to goodness Doc had gotten her Virginia drawl.

And I love this one of my girlie & her Papa….   in a tree….

Not something you see every day!

Speaking of things I don’t see every day…

I jogged up the dirt road from our temporary little house one morning when we first got here and saw Mt. Adams  sticking up out of the middle of nowhere.  It was breathtaking!

That was the first and last time I jogged since we got here, by the way.

We drove to Seattle the day before Papa & Deeda left. It was my first time, and I loved it. The sun never fully showed it’s face, but shone enough here and there that Seattle didn’t feel like the dark, rainy city I’d expected to see.

We had to get a picture of the munchkins in front of the Space Needle!

One thing about Washington that made me miss the South-  it was sooo chilly!  I’ve come to expect April to be a warm month, maybe with a few cold and wet days thrown in here and there.  But our first three weeks here were too cold to go outside without a jacket, even at midday.

We had lunch at this wonderful little Ethiopian restaurant downtown.  I was excited that my in-laws got to experience that Food!  If you’ve never had that pleasure and stumble upon a hole-in-the-wall Ethiopian place-  by all means, Stop!  It’s spicy, sour, hearty, light, and smells amazing.

I’m so excited to bring this kiddo into our family.  We’ve been on the wait list for a month now-  7-10 months to go!

We’re starting back for home after 4 weeks of being here this Thursday.  I’ll try to squeeze in another post before then!


2 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. OMG, I didn’t know that you took this picture. btw the other one would have been okay to put on. I love the one of PaPa and Gillianand the Seattle ones. A fun trip for us. The girls were such little troopers traveling that far on so little sleep. Not one complaint did we hear from them. Both of us thought the trip back home wasn’t as much fun without the girls.

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