I Heart Space

Why would anyone not want to live here???

I tried pretty hard to talk Doc into buying this barn. And mountains.

He told me no.

We found this clinic of Doc’s dreams, and it even had a helipad!

Nevermind that we were so far out that a small box of Wheat Thins cost me $5.83 in that town….

I was still hyperventilating about the gorgeous area and pointing out every picturesque little farm (er, ranch) to Doc as we left town and headed north to Kalispell, Montana.

Doc has some college buddies there, and they rather quickly digress the longer they’re around each other. But I loved seeing them and meeting the new women in their lives.

We drove up to this overlook since the weather to too yucky and cold to hike anywhere.

Two vans of German tourists, ages 6-16, were unloading at the top when we pulled in.

Including a kid with an obvious mental disability who was wandering along the edge of this cliff without an adult in sight, while the fashionable teenagers sat coolly on some rocks, completely ignoring their disadvantaged travel companion’s perilous wanderings.

These three didn’t count as adults, at this point.

I handed my camera to one dapper young German guy in nice shades and nylon capri’s, then turned and started ordering everyone around.

It’s what I do when I get nervous.  And disabled, non-English speaking children stepping clumsily along the edge of a 100 foot precipice make me nervous.

Why didn’t we, the responsible Americans, pull him away from the edge you might ask?   Well, he never got quite close enough to merit any significant action on our parts, but I think we were all mentally poised to spring at him if he got any closer.

Anyway,  that concludes our trip out to Washington!  Doc is working at a clinic in downtown Yakima right now. The Hispanic population in this town is somewhere between 60-70%, almost 10% Native American, and the rest white.  Doc is loving getting to use his Spanish and scoping out a potential job site for next year.

Yesterday he treated a drive by shooting victim.

The girls and I are dodging those areas of town and have so far kept our sanity in this lovely little extended stay hotel the clinic is graciously putting us up in.

We’re off to Target to get some nail polish….   Have a wonderful weekend!


4 thoughts on “I Heart Space

  1. Oh and by the way. Tell Scott and Greg that I said from the pictures it looks like they haven’t changed a bit. ( always full of mischef) Also, they need to make a trip out to the east again.

  2. Oh, my goodness……..a drive by shooting. Sounds like one of those medical life in the er shows. Thanks for posting the pictures and the update of your trip. I miss all 4 of you very much. : )

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