North Carolina Through Kansas

Doc had to work overnight before we left.  I still had him pack the car because he’s good at it. I’m turning into quite the slavedriver, aren’t I?

We stopped first in a little place with brown tourist signs called Paducah.  It’s in Kentucky where the Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, and Mississippi rivers all come together.

It was such a nice little find. Not somewhere I would have picked to stop just looking at the map, but a cute place to visit and I’m glad we stopped!

Our goal was to make it to Denver in two days, so we mostly just drove hard and stopped as little as possible.

We spent the night on the other side of St. Louis, in Columbia, Missouri.

And called the girls to see how their day at Papa & Deeda’s house went.

We were relieved to get out of Missouri,where XXX billboards were spaced a few hundred feet apart the entire freaking length of  I-70.   The empty yellow bluffs of eastern Kansas were a nice change.

Well, at first anyway.

It rained most of the way through Kansas and the rolling yellow bluffs quickly melted away into flat, brown fields and dirt roads that never, ever ended.  The emptiness was impressive.

But after so many miles of impressive emptiness, one starts to get bored, no matter how enchanting the idea of all this space is at first.

And I start to digress and take pictures of things in the car instead of outside the car…..

Anyway, it was a peaceful, adventureless drive, but that was okay with me.  I’m loving these few days I get to spend with Doc-  who knows when this will happen again!   We’re in Idaho this morning, getting ready to drive to Montana. If I have internet there, I’ll post an update on the Colorado/Wyoming leg of our trip.

Have a lovely day!


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