When It Rains…

….It pours.   And it’s important to keep a sense of humor.

Sometimes it pours all over your dryer because the drain backs up.

So not only does your dryer start spazzing, but you can’t run any water because your drain keeps backing up and spilling onto your dryer and the poorly placed circa 1948 electrical outlet that sits just under it.

Then not only is your dryer spazzing, but you start spazzing as your husband steps into that murky mess and your overactive imagination fears the outcome of this water, ancient outlets, and the manly man that you love all mixed together.

In such cases it’s absolutely imperative to keep a sense of humor.

And to thank God that you only paid a fraction of the total cost to the plumber because the people who sold you your home were thoughtful enough to include a home warranty.

And that after a night cozied up to the dehumidifier, your dryer is working!

It’s actually a great time to count your blessings. This little munchkin is celebrating Day #1 without a fever since Thursday!

And even if your parked car gets nailed by a 90 year old woman in a Buick while your kids are in the dentist’s office, thank God that she nailed it after your munchkins were safely inside the building.

Sometimes said almost-centennarian will accuse you of falsely accusing her, probably because she’s  as  unable to see the red paint smeared on her front bumper, as she was your parked car.

Sometimes when it rains, it pours, but you have to remember that your Father has a bigger plan in mind, one that you are completely unable to see from your vantage point.

Doc and I had a conversation about our adoption this morning. Is it reckless to keep going with all these unexpected things happening? Or is it a step of faith?

I have a peace right now that it’s a step of faith- that the God who sees every sparrow that falls, who clothes the flowers of the fields, who has worked miracles in my life before-  that God is my Father, and I have to trust Him with the next step of this journey.

So even if your adoption agency sends you an email saying the US Embassy in Addis Ababa announced that as of today, you’ll have to fly to Ethiopia for a week not once, but twice, you have to trust that He will provide for the extra plane tickets, because while this took you by surprise, it didn’t take Him by surprise.


5 thoughts on “When It Rains…

  1. Well the car damage looks much more dramatic up close in the picture. It’s not too bad. And thankfully it’s all just plastic, so it’s not going to rust…

  2. I loved reading how you are counting your blessings. I count you four as a great big blessing to me. I love the picture of Ginia. Love her hair cut. The damage to the car is actually worse than I thought. Justin looks pretty intense with what he was doing.

  3. God is soooo good! He is our Father that we can trust and He promises to provide our every need. He also tells us to take care of the widows and orphans…..looks like you guys are walking in faith to me ;)
    I love you girl.

  4. I believe that when you are adopting a child not only are you fighting for their life, you are fighting for their soul. These events should reaffirm that you indeed are doing the right thing! I will pray for you & your little one.

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