Warm and Drippy

Ever since Thursday,  I’ve been picking up a snotty Kleenex or two every room of the house I walk into.  The girlies have been coughing, wiping super wet noses that just won’t run dry, and looking  feverish and little miserable.

And I just don’t know what to do with myself!

The weekend was rather warm, as well, but in a good way. Our driveway got drippy, but the sun dried it up nicely.

I could totally keep going with this warm/wet/miserable/wonderful thing…

We sent in our dossier (yay!), but were missing three documents (boo!), thought one of them needed to get certified (my eyes got drippy), was told that it actually doesn’t (the sun shone again!).

That made no sense.

Drama aside:   What I meant to say was…..     our adoption consultant emailed to say that she’s sending our dossier to DC for authentication and a pass through the Ethiopian embassy. We are, however, short three documents, none of which have to go to DC, but one of which needs to be notarized. I had an almost nervous breakdown realizing this would mean yet another 9 hour roundtrip drive to the state capitol and a volley with the rather unhelpful Secretary of State office ladies. She emailed back shortly, clarifying that while it does need to be notarized, it does not need to be state certified.  I cwied teaws of joy (does anyone else out there watch Wonderpets with their preschoolers??).

SO….   we’re recovering, filling out our last, minor papers (thanks Diann!), and really excited to hear that we’re on the waiting list.  I’ll keep you posted.  And thanks for reading this silly blog :)


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