The Paperchase is Over!!!

This stack of papers is the product of almost ten months of thinking, praying, writing, calling, emailing, notarizing, pleading, blogging, discussing, crying, pleading, praying, calling, and writing. And emailing. And driving!

Good heavens.

It arrived at our agency this morning, and if everything looks like it’s supposed to, we will be on the official waiting list soon.

I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed with the support and love that you, our friends, have shown us these past ten months!  God has provided for our needs, often through you, so thank you, more than I can say!

So what’s next?

Once we are officially on the waiting list, we’ll have to do just that-  wait. Super optimistically, we’ll travel by the end of the year. Logically, we’ll probably travel by next spring. But regardless of optimism or logic, God’s going to do exactly what needs to happen, when it needs to happen. So pray that I take that to heart :)


3 thoughts on “The Paperchase is Over!!!

  1. Congratulations on the “end” of the paperchase. (Though it feels like it never really ends!) Being on the waiting list is such a sigh of relief. Wishing you a super fast wait! Just keep busy and time will fly!

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