My BFF and I missed out on the typical high school things to do-  call us weird, you’re probably right! We didn’t try to sneak into clubs or party like the cheerleaders that we definitely and obviously were not. Our version of a good time was to explore the woods and beg rides to go backpacking.  And as we left our note-passing, test-taking, high school gossip infused little world and stepped into the silent, ancient forests (they were actually just the local state forests- good enough for us!), without many exceptions, my BFF would declare “This Is MEDICINE!!!”. I wholeheartedly agreed.

Ten years later I live in town, my girlies are having an emotional day, and we could use some medicine! Exploring state parks around here by myself with the girlies makes me feel like a sitting duck and seems like a good way to get mugged (overactive imagination anyone?), so we opted for the playground instead.



Just being in the outdoors- frigid wind and all-  was medicine.



So what if we couldn’t feel our hands for three hours when we got home :)



And as we were getting ready to leave, the afternoon sun was setting and created these perfectly magical beams of  golden light.

Please refrain from counting the adjectives in that sentence.



It  was enchanting, but too strong to get many good pictures.   This Munchkin moved into a shadow just before the light faded and  it was just perfect.


I love good combinations so much. Like good light + beautiful subject.

Hot doctorly husband + desperate housewife.

Chocolate + Peanut Butter.

Oh goodness… I could go on all day….






3 thoughts on “Medicine

  1. Julie! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
    You are such a funny person and I love you.
    You make me laugh when I read your blog posts.
    I am so glad you got your medicine. We love that kind of medicine too. I am glad your numb hands are thawed out.

  2. Well Doc & I have said that if we knew eachother in high school we probably wouldn’t have hung out at all, so it’s nice that God brings people into our lives at different stages… :)

  3. I love that I got to watch you and your bff grow up! You two were so wonderfully weird! (and yes, I was the cheerleader type in high school!) It’s good that I am older–we could have never been friends if we were the same age!

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