I Know a Thing or Two About Girls…

They have a LOT of emotions.

Their emotions get bigger and bigger as they physically grow bigger and bigger. If you as a parent do things right, they’ll learn to master they’re emotions as they get bigger (most of the time). And that’s a valuable skill to have.

But sometimes ( like today!!! ), for no reason whatsoever, girls just have a hard time.

Trust me, I know a thing or two about girls: I grew up with three sisters- No brothers. I have two daughters- no boys. And to top things off, Doc has one sister, no brothers either.

This is why we’re adopting a boy, by the way. I’m not sure I’m capable of producing a boy.


If you’re blessed with a girl, give her lots of hugs, but don’t let her take herself too seriously, especially if she generally leads a happy life.   Life is too short to spend it weeping away over manufactured dramas.

Doc will probably remind me of that in a few weeks when hormones take over my life , and I have a feeling it won’t go over so well…


6 thoughts on “I Know a Thing or Two About Girls…

  1. BTW, You are completely incapable of producing a boy from a biological standpoint. Justin holds the packs the proverbial punch when it comes to sex determination: X or Y is a sperm decision. So the correct and slightly scary question is, “Can Justin produce a boy.” This leads us down a lot of different paths…:)

  2. Sweet Little Gillian. One of the most tender-hearted little girls I have ever known. It always breaks my heart when she cries. So then you have 2 sad females. Papa and daddy might as well get use to it. It too will pass (until next time that is) The picture of Gillian and her daddy is so sweet. As I looked at it, I could hear Justin talking to her.
    Love you guys!

  3. Several months ago I realized that it is so important to teach our children to control their emotions. This doesn’t mean you never let them cry, but that you give them the tools to handle difficult circumstances. It’s a fine line, and I don’t have girls to deal with (I have enough emotion for all of us!), but we all know individuals who allow their emotions to control themselves and others.
    I will pray that you will have wisdom and also pray extra for poor Doc!!!

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