Snow Cream Ice Cream

We had our fourth significant snowfall of the winter over the weekend (and we’re expecting even more tonight!), so when the sun came out Saturday morning, we ate cinnamon rolls and went for a hike.

And it was a beautiful day!

This munchkin must not have had enough to eat…

She said that it tasted like ice cream.

And dubbed it “Snow-cream Ice-cream”.

It seemed that every time we turned around, she was sitting in the middle of the trail licking snow.

Once we turned around and she was lying down with her face in the snow, eating it.

I so badly wish I had the camera out to get a picture of that! But Doc had banned it temporarily, so it was in its case.

Little stinker, I need to feed this child more :)


4 thoughts on “Snow Cream Ice Cream

  1. I love this. The other weekend when the girls were here we went out and played in the snow. Ginia tried to eat the snowman after we built it. : ) She said “DeeDa you can eat the snow if you want to”. And so she did. What a fun weekend. Need to do it again soon. (without snow maybe)

  2. We have been loving all this snow!! It sounds like you’ve gotten quite a bit too! I love your blog, by the way. Your pictures are so nice, I love that you don’t use flash very often.

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