I bought a “Your Camera For Dummies” book and finally started looking through it while the girlies took a nap last weekend. Doc was napping too, with his head in my lap (we’re still newlyweds at heart, don’t be grossed out y’all). I had the book propped on his chest and the camera in my hands over his face so that I could practice all these moves for dummies with a fancy camera.

Then my oldest Girlie walked in.

She had just woken up from a good, hard nap. Can you tell?

Such a delicious feeling: spacy eyes, rosy cheeks, weird taste in her mouth (well I get a weird taste in my mouth after I take a nap and I’m assuming she does too. Just like if I’m cold, surely she’s cold too…. you know.)

They were so obviously not in the mood to have their pictures taken, and I can’t blame them as I would do some moderate harm to someone snapping away at me as I stumbled out of bed. Cause I look just downright bad.

But they’re adorable, so I took as many pictures as I wanted.

I’ll be more sensitive when they’re teenagers, don’t worry too much about them.

This is why they’ll turn out alright- their mother may be slightly obsessive with a camera in her hands, but their daddy will teach them the fine art of not only ignoring obnoxious behaviors, but of picking up a book and entering into the world of Little House On the Prairie (the above selection) where Ma’s never take photos. Ever. They just let their children run free as the February wind pouring through our drafty windows…

Okay, enough of that.

Have a good night :)


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