I Hate Cats

But my girlies love ’em.

They want one (my three year old offered that it could live in the basement), but we keep saying “NO!”.

But sometimes we take them to the goat barn where some barn cats live, just so they’ll stop asking so that we don’t have to keep saying “NO!” and keep feeling like horrible, selfish parents.

So we went today just before the big snowstorm arrived in town.

Meet:  Tiger the Barn Cat

He was in an unusually good mood today.

Mama, I love cats and I’ll love you forever if we get a cat and it lives in our basement!”

Not on your life.

He purred and left pawprints on my lap when the girlies left scratching his ears to shower attention on the goats instead.

As soon as my girlies weren’t looking, I coldy shoved him off my lap, and he went back to the little people who love him so much.

Away from this freakish, cat hating lady with a camera!

The girlies had moved on.

My oldest girlie, as usual, was getting swarmed with four-legged creatures. Tiger hid on her lap. He wouldn’t so uch as look at me anymore after that rejection. He must not be used to being treated like that.

Isn’t she beautiful? She has a gentle heart and I think that animals (and people) are drawn to her because of that.

And isn’t she adorable? She makes people smile, I think me most of all.

Oh how she reminds me of me sometimes….


7 thoughts on “I Hate Cats

  1. I am with Mary. Don’t like cats either. Would never hurt one but don’t want one around! Although one cat is better than a bunch of mice.

  2. I’m so glad to help :) I’ve considered getting one to live in the basement just so it can keep our population of horrid brown crickets down. But that would be kind of mean. Those crickets are awful, I don’t know if I could do that to something- even a cat!

  3. Fellow cat haters unite!!! And i actually own one :P Named mouse-trap… hence the only reason I gave in and got one. My kids LOVE him. He’s my arch-enemy. And after years of coldly shoving…. he still won’t leave me alone. Ahhhh this is therapy………. :) Love your pictures!!!

  4. I love cats!!! I didn’t until I inherited one with marriage! Unfortunately my little one is allergic. The worst thing about them is they shed and once in awhile puke on your rug.
    Loved all the pictures!

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