The Brits Will Be Shocked

This is Queen Victoria, in all her glory.

The Brits do funny things to remember people.

They carve their faces into buildings.

They name giant floating cities after them (yes, this is The Queen Victoria).

Conscientious Mother that I am, I want my progeny to understand the importance of such historical figures at an early age. So we remember them in our own ways.

This is my Three Year Old’s take on Queen Victoria:

“My, what Scribbly Eyes you have!”

And this is my Four Year Old’s take on her.

I must not have been paying attention in my World History class.

Nobody told me she’s black.

And blue-eyed?

But my munchkin thought she was such a beautiful Queen.

Someday I’ll correct her, but I don’t mind that her four year old brain thinks Queen Victoria was black.

And I don’t blame her for giving that woman some color.

I mean, look:

It never hurts to have a little imagination!


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