When You Turn 28…

…the world goes right on revolving, even on your birthday.

Doc had an all day residency recruiting event to help host and the date happened to fall on his birthday. He’s not one to make small talk, and a whole day of it is one of the few things in this world known to intimidate him.

He does just fine, by the way.

But gosh darn it, it was his birthday, so if he had to spend the day recruiting, he was going to do it his way.

So our day started off with a hike….

in the rain….

with two kids, two infants, three dogs, and one very, very pregnant lady.

The kids and babies did fine, the dogs were crazy, and the pregnant girl was a trooper and I’m happy to report was still pregnant by the end of it all.

We even took them up to the goat barn and the applicants tromped through the muddy goat poop and let my oldest Munchkin tell them again and again about her favorite goats- Bella and Tina (who has a brother named Turner).

This hike was meant to separate the boys from the men.

That evening we had a get together and I made Doc a cake.

It looks like he’s headslamming it, but he’s not, in case you were wondering….

The applicants were such nice people and I really wanted a chance to socialize, so our trusty DVD player saved the day once again. The girlies were completely mesmerized, as usual.

Another reason this guy can’t stop working, even on a Saturday, is because he has a Crackberry. I mean Blackberry. It trumps conversation, even when he’s recruiting.

The next day we drove fifty minutes south of here to eat at Stickyfingers BBQ, Doc’s favorite. Papa & Deeda and Auntie K & Mr. Kirk came, too. So he did get to celebrate for real.

It’s tough working on your birthday. He hiked, had free dinner, BBQ the next day…. So tough…


2 thoughts on “When You Turn 28…

  1. Thanks for coming down! And I’m glad you made it back home safely! They’re calling for bad weather again this weekend, except this time snow instead of rain.

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