Cabin Fever, Anyone?

Forget if I ever said anything about the South being sunny.

Because it’s not.

And forget any preconceived notions you might have about my house being clean since I’ve been rained in for days on end.

Because it’s obviously not.

Thankfully these Strange Girlies of mine could occupy themselves with a cardboard box, which they’ve been known to do.  They’re blissfully unaware that it’s still raining outside.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it’s practically lunchtime and they’re still in their toasty footed jammies. Maybe that’s what I need. Footed jammies. Of course, I might never get out of them if I put them on, then Doc would complain, so forget that.

Maybe I’ll just put a movie on for my Strange Girlies and go sit on the kitchen floor and eat some chocolate. I just hope Doc doesn’t come home for lunch and find me. That would be embarrassing and hard to explain.

I think I’m getting Cabin Fever and it ain’t pretty folks.


4 thoughts on “Cabin Fever, Anyone?

  1. Made me laugh! There are days when I think, “if hubby walked in right now he would rethink the reasons he lets me stay home to raise our son!” Thankfully I have until around 6 to get my act together!

  2. Loved the blog. Love the toasty little toes in the footed jammies! Go ahead and eat the chocolate! Sometimes we girls just gotta have it. Remember Cabin fever will be over soon. At least I am hoping!

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