The girl with the camera is Bop, my baby sister.

Single Guys take note: She’s tall, artsy, single, and will talk you into a pretzel if you cross her on politics.

My baby sister also suffers from the same psychological condition as my baby girl- I can’t get an unobstructed photo of her face to save my life. I’ve tried and tried for years.

This was the best I could do. And I didn’t even take it, Doc did. But she has a camera in front of her face.

So single guys, you’ll just have to make it out to meet her in person, because unless I get lucky, you’ll never see a picture of her on my blog.

And Sorry, Bop. Don’t hate me forever. Just remember our adventure driving through the blowing Michigan snows and how I bore with your battery of insults about my “Granny” driving. And how I gave you the spare room and slept on the couch. And let you force me against my stubborn will to stop at Starbucks twice in the same day. Such torture!!

And you can thank me for not posting that picture I snapped of you napping on Carrie’s couch….  you can thank me by…..   letting me take a real, live, smiling, unobstructed photo of your face??????


3 thoughts on “Bop

  1. 1) you will never get a picture of me 2) i am rather enjoying being single (as you know) and 3) i like the pics on your “swing” blog :)

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