The Swing

Here’s the Girlies new favorite corner of Papa & Deeda’s farm.

Their Daddy’s too.

My cautious oldest girlie loved it.

Her daring little sister?   Papa had to talk her in to it a little bit.

So while Cautious Older Sister swung higher and higher, Daring Little Sis found a safe spot on the ground and watched.

Not-So-Graceful Me hung on for dear life.

Daring little girl began collecting firewood, and didn’t quite get it when Daddy and Papa told her that it she couldn’t burn it in their gas fireplace. I think I was just making her nervous with my  mid-air acrobatics.
Ahem…  or just hanging on for dear life awkward mid-air moves.

Doc took this rather dramatically lit mid-air silhouette.

Then I couldn’t stop myself so it turned into an awkward butt grabbing spectacle as Doc tried to slow me down.


Yes this awkward chick has been invited to a dance party  in a few weeks. They’re going to either scream or nervously edge away.

Anyway, have a wonderful week!


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