Happy Surprises & Grayness

My sister had her happy suprise baby and I accidentally made six pans of cinnamon rolls.

The recipe said “8 servings”, not “8 pans“, which it should have said.

A very happy surprise, nonetheless.

Two dress sizes larger, I paid my sister and her yummy surprise baby a visit in snowy Michigan.

I drove through Ohio on the way to pick up my baby sister, Bop, who’s actually taller than me, not babyish at all.

And as I drove further and further north, I remembered just why I love the South.

This is Ohio in the dead of January: White & Gray.

White painted houses and snow.

Gray roads, skies, and metal barn roofs.

Michigan, my destination, had blue skies the last two days but still managed to seem gray in spite of the fact.

I swear I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, whatever that may mean. So in the spirit of all this grayness, here are some photos of my sweet baby nephew, in Black & White.

He was a bright spot in all this grayness, obviously :)

Sweet poochy lips

Serious, furrowed brow

Cozy, contented snooze

I’m temporarily rid of my baby craze- I got my fix last week.  I’m back home and relishing every minute of sleeping through the night, having clothes free of spit-up, and having children who can talk to me in real words if they need something.

Have a good week, try making something new, and remember to pray for those struck by the tragic circumstances in Haiti.


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