Orange Christmas Eve

Just dessert this year at Pop-Pop’s. That’s just fine by me.

Pop-Pop loves Tech- a diehard Hokie.

It’s always watching…. Do you think it can see?
Super cool phone, orange as can be.

Kids jumping madly, squealing with glee.
Randy wants in! Watch out Papa!  Wheee!!

Kirk is so happy, her hand on his knee.
Miss Layla wants presents! Now, Mama? Puleeeese?!
Beautiful child, mischevious, Three.
Best in-laws ever. So loving towards me.
Orange carpet – Seventies- don’t you agree?
No garland or lights, and no Christmas tree.

But Pop-Pop is having an orange Christmas Eve.

2 thoughts on “Orange Christmas Eve

  1. Thanks for reading!! And lame as it sounds, it brightens up my day when I get a comment on a post!Lame…But thanks =)

  2. I like the picture of daddy and Justin. Daddy would like it too. The kids did have fun with Haven. Not sure who is the biggest kid. The orange carpet….weeeellllll….brings back lots and lots of memories for me! Thanks for posting.

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