Family Christmas

Christmas morning we gave the girls their first ever bikes, opened gifts, then drove over the mountains and through the snow to my in-law’s house.

Papa called as we were coming down the mountain saying that their power had gone out,- which I’ve come to learn happens fairly often in the country- he was firing up the generator, and he had to pull a tree out of the road in front of their house.
They could only run the microwave to cook with because the generator isn’t strong enough to run the stove. He asked if we wanted to turn back and go home so that we could come the next day when their power came back on.

Go home?

No, I replied, we had just come over the mountains on the other side of Asheville, the nastiest section of highway we would encounter, and we were absolutely not going back the way we came. The rain couldn’t decide if it was rain or ice and the road couldn’t decide if it wanted to freeze or not. As we crested the highest curve this maddening indecisiveness left me unable to decide if I should sit back and let our trusty Subaru work it’s All Wheel Drive Magic or clench my jaw and grip the ceiling handle specifically made for off-roading adventures (planned or not) and hope for the best.

Go home? What a silly question. It’s Christmas Day, for crying out loud.

Then I realized who I was talking to.

I was talking to a Price.

There’s not a whole lot that could make me turn back from the promise of a cozy Christmas house filled with family and candles and presents and Christmas trees. Who cares if we had to eat microwaved frozen pizza for dinner?

But food is serious business to a Price.
He was just looking out for us.

We made it without further drama (other than the worse-case-scenarios playing on repeat in my head for the first two hours) and it was such a nice Christmas night. I got my Christmas Tree, candles lit, piles of presents Fix.

Deeda has been a Price for thirty years and raised two more of ’em, so she knows the drill.

The power came back on and us Prices got to eat after all (Hellpp!! I’m becoming one of theeemmmm!!!!) (ahem… quoting kids movies here).

Doc and K had some Male Bonding Time thanks to the Wii.
Munchkin 1 isn’t too impressed.

Talk about creepy.

This box was heavy!  But that didn’t stop her.
One thing this little Price loves more than food is presents.

So we all got our Fix. :)


One thought on “Family Christmas

  1. I was so glad when you guys walked in the house. Wasn't sure that you would be able to get here. Very thankful for God's protection on you all, Kristen and Kirk. I love having all of you here. Fun time for Papa and Deeda!

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