Christmas Eve with our Second Family

One unexpected part of following my handsome family doc from place to place is how his fellow residents, to different degrees, become family.  Maybe it’s a phenomenon unique to small programs, I don’t know, but I love it! We have a special group of people and I love spending holidays with whoever happens to be in town.
The spread of food is a lot like the random mix of families that ended up in our little town. We had lobster chowder thanks to the city folk in our midst, spicy polish sausage from our Wisconite, our Virginian contribution of ham & potatoes, Mr. Nathan brought eggnog and the Chens brought a small keg. Diverse food from a diverse crowd. Folks we might not hang out with if we just passed them on the street, but who have become family for our three years in
this beautiful place.
Memories in the Making….
Speaking of making things….
Baby Chen was there.
I hope they have more babies, because he’s one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met!
But avoiding controversial topics….
Because I’m all about avoiding controversy….
(but don’t you agree?!)
Our City-Folk
We had stockings with the Wisconsinite and Mr. Nathan since they were both batchin’ it for Christmas Eve. Although Mr. Nathan was flying out for Patagonia Christmas Day. No joke. So don’t feel too sorry for him ;) But we still put something in his stocking.
Munchkin 1 got a monkey and shared the love.
Then I sent her to bed so that I could try some of Mr. Nathan’s eggnog.
We stayed up late talking about our families (biological ones), Christmas, God, and Miss Victoria’s rotten luck on call lately. She had already admitted at least five people and it wasn’t even midnight yet. But she’s going to Patagonia too, so I didn’t feel super terribly sorry for her either ;)
Everyone left, we began cleaning up, then City Rich showed up with a bike for his three year old.
They had a little girl’s bike midnight assembly session, then he went home and we went to bed.
The girls had had sweets, a late bedtime, and the promise of Christmas presents when they woke up: it was bound to be an early morning.
Which it was.
More about that in another post!

One thought on “Christmas Eve with our Second Family

  1. Love the pics and the thoughts! We'll get back to you on that "more babies" thing… :) Have a happy New Year!

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