It Really Snowed This Time

Yesterday we went sledding in what was really no more than a heavy dusting of snow.
But heck, here in the South we’ll take whatever we can get!
The weathermen kept saying that we could get up to a foot that day. But I didn’t buy it.
Their job is to get people to watch their show, right?
And if there’s nothing interesting to say, no one will watch it, right?
So a little exaggeration here, an exaggeration there… and a heavy dusting somehow turns into a foot.
I sooo didn’t believe them! I’m smarter than that! They’ve let me down too much.
But then the snow picked up, right along with my faith in Weathermen. Alot.
So much so that this morning the roads looked like this:
(note Car In Ditch)
So we threw snowballs at eachother.
And cried when they hit our faces.
(This one wasn’t aimed at her face but ricocheted off of the sled. We’re better parents than that…)
Had way too much fun driving our Subaru up and down and all around because Subaru’s are so much fun to have on snowy, unplowed roads!
Until you come upon a poor stuck car and can’t pull them out because even though you have a tow cable, you’re driving a Subaru. Not a truck.
Doc was painfully reminded of that a few times this morning.
But still had fun……
Moving on…..
Made Christmas cookies and licked our fingers prodigiously.
And finally got a good family picture!
Enjoy the snow!!!

One thought on “It Really Snowed This Time

  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun! That is a great family picture. I loved the action snow pictures too.

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