We’re All Back

My Girlies went to Papa & Deeda’s house Thursday morning and got back last evening.
That was almost FIVE whole days!!!!!
I was not the same person:  I slept in- not once, but multiple times.
I made noise… and nobody woke up.
I ate chocolate…. and didn’t have to hide it.
I set something down somewhere in the house…. and nobody moved it.
I went Christmas shopping…. and was still sane when I left the store.
 And I didn’t smile as much because no one entertained me with exasperating antics.
Doc tried to help me with that one- but his antics just aren’t as cute.
Still endearing, but not the same.
Sorry Lovey.
Then last night I heard way too wonderfully super familiar footsteps on the walk in front of the house.
My exasperating, chocolate mooching, house destroying, butt-crack-of-dawn waking, crazy, wonderful munchkins were home!

She still won’t let me take her picture (little rascal!).

Her nose is still running down her face.

But no one has been around to make little pools for baby crocodiles.

Or show me the world from a different perspective.

Or get mud all over my kitchen floor.

I’ve missed these little bottoms!
My life is so boring without them around.


2 thoughts on “We’re All Back

  1. And now Deeda is missing those little bottoms! Can't wait until next time that they get to come and stay.

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