Guess What!

An big white envelope showed up in our mailbox today.
I got excited because I hoped it was from a Certain Agency.

Which it was!!!!
And look what it says!!!!
A letter of recommendation and three notarized, embossed copies of our completed homestudy-  which means that a social worker has given her stamp of approval on us as parents.
The ball is officially rolling again!!!
Next up: I-600a application, which is immigration and homeland security stuff. I’m hoping to have that in the mail after Christmas.
I’ll be posting pictures of those papers, too.
In fact, I’ll post more boring paper photos than you ever wanted to see by the time this adoption is all said and done. But this is exciting stuff! These papers absolutely made my day.

3 thoughts on “Guess What!

  1. WA HOO!!!!!!! That's great! One step closer. Inch by inch, paperwork by more paperwork, you will get there!

  2. Yay! Of course they would approve you two for adoption. You are two of the best parents that I know. If I were a parent of a little one now, I could learn alot from the two of you.

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