O Christmas Tree

It Snowed!!!

“Mama I’m trying and trying but I just can’t catch one!”

“That tasted gooood!”
Time to go get a Christmas tree!
For the second year in a row we went to Ziegler’s Tree Farm. Mr. Ziegler is over 80 years old and he and his sons run the farm. He bought 300 acres on top of a mountain southwest of Brevard in the 1950’s and paid $55,000. He carved the dirt road out of the side of the mountain, all by himself, since no roads led directly to the property when he bought it.
That’s the part that keeps me coming back.
It’s a 30 minute drive to the start of the dirt road, then at least another 15 minutes up the mountain from there. The rutted out road parallels a rocky creek for a good part of the drive and the curves can make a girl sweat when our little Subaru meets a big pickup and someone has to find room without getting stuck (most probable scenario), or rolling down the drop-off (my imagination’s most probable scenario).
That’s the part that keeps Doc coming back.

This is Mr. Ziegler himself. He has a kind face, I like him. He almost cut off my leg at the ankle with his chain saw, but I still like him.
Okay actually, I happened to be standing closest to the tree as he fired up his chain saw so he asked me to hold the lowest branches out of his way. There was no polite way to scoot my feet back without completely insulting this kind man who’s cut Christmas trees for longer than my entire extended family put together has been alive.

Mr. Ziegler refuses to ride the four-wheelers that his sons use to haul trees from the field (or forest?). He says that he’ll walk “as long as these ‘ol legs ‘ll carry me”.
He and Grandma Eavie (see August postings) are cut from the same cloth.  I think that’s why I like him so much.
But that didn’t stop the girls from hitching a ride!
Animals have this magnet appeal to my oldest Girlie. She goes right to them and stays there until it’s time to leave.
And I have no idea why these pictures are so gray. Be merciful, I’m still learning how to use this camera! =)

2 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. So glad you posted these pictures and wrote about them. I now can relate to the adventure more after you telling me about it over the phone and now seeing the pictures helps. Mr Ziegler is cut fromt the same cloth as Grandma Eavie I do believe. It looked like so much fun and great memories for all of you.

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