Almost Endearingly Ugly…. Almost.

What do you do when you make a gift that’s supposed to be funky and turns out downright ugly?
I found super cute fabric on clearance and I bought four yards. Perfect for a funky project.
Better yet, I knew exactly who the fabric suited and I decided to make a Christmas gift out of it. Can’t tell you yet what it’s going to be, but rest assured it’s something fun, funky, and always practical.
It’s a scrappy project, and I can’t really spend a lot of money on it, so I’m mostly using stuff I have in my stash. And to my untrained eye, I thought it would all work together.
This Valedictorian that I married made me a perfect 16″ square template using some math equation I haven’t heard of since high school.
That’s the backside of said funky fun fabric (the blue, not the white). And it’s going to be the back of the…. project.
Cute fabric, right? Funky!
But behold…….
Are you ready??
When I held up the pieced, scrappy top, I just started laughing.
Definitely UGLY!

Yes, this is the half of the top half of my work of art. Not funky. Not even remotely funky.
Just ugly.

Endearingly ugly in it’s own way….. almost.

Now I have to decide. Do I:

1.) finish it, keep it, and pretend I meant to do this all along?
2.) finish it and give it to the Lucky Recipient (that was SO tongue in cheek) and let her decide it’s fate?
3.) throw the whole thing in my scrap pile, start over and hope that my next inspiration doesn’t turn out ugly too?
Cross out option 3. My pride can’t take much more of this.
I have cabin fever in case you can’t tell. It’s Saturday and Doc is working, Munchkin Dos accusing her sister of pulling her off the rocking moose, the trash can smells bad, Munchkin Uno is handing me her banana peel, and I’m writing about Christmas crafts gone wild.
We’ll be okay.
Have a wonderful weekend :)


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