Thanksgiving in Ohio

You can tell Mom loves Thanksgiving. She took two whole days off work to get ready for it. I love the preparation at least as much as eating it, but with as crazy busy as our week had been, it was okay to let her do everything this year!

Mom loves Christmas decorations too and I was surprised she hadn’t decked the halls yet!

The cousins had so much fun together!

We swapped out our traditional game of Balderdash for Cranium this year. And sparkling grape juice for the real thing.
Aaaaahhh!!! Too much change this year!!!!!
In all honesty, it was okay. Really and truly.
Balderdash was uproariously funny when Dad’s friend from work, Steve, played. Steve lived in a dowtown Dayton apartment with no heat, didn’t own a car, had a big gray beard, wore circa 1973 clearance rack thick glasses, and talked in a big, Jewish voice. He had a degree in linguistics and spoke Mandarin Chinese.
 Between him and my cranky Grandpa, who tremendously disliked anyone bestowing attention on any other gray-headed dinner guest except for himself,  and who couldn’t hear or see well enough to read the cards, we had a ball playing Balderdash.
I would laugh so hard I cried during that game.
But now if we played, I that the Munchkins’ crankiness from not getting any sleep would make me cry.

 And make me very cranky, too.

It was much too cold to play outside on Friday, so the cousins entertained themselves by chasing the toy poodle around the house and terrorizing him hopefully beyond recovery.
Doc turned a blind eye to Pepper’s plight, and I of course had to take pictures, so the pathetic creature was left at the mercy of four squealing preschoolers.

Bop might be able to sympathize with him.

She graciously gave up her bed for her sweet, darling nephews and slept on this air mattress……
……..turned early-morning trampoline.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Ohio

  1. We enjoyed you and Carrie's visit this Thanksgiving. Now we know what goes on on mornings we sleep in. I can say I feel more sorry for Bop than for Pepper. -dad Will

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