A Virginia Thanksgiving

For the first time since I joined the Price Clan, everyone was able to make it to Thanksgiving dinner at my in-law’s house. Usually someone is sick or someone (including us) is doing Thanksgiving out of town with non-Price Clan family.

Munchkin 1 was sooo excited to have playmates around. Kathryn and Tyler got there first. Tyler is too big, Kathryn is too small, so she tackled Granny instead (see the dark blue blur in the picture). 

Papa opted to play with the much calmer Kathryn, who by the way, reminds me so much of Munchkin 1 when she was that age. I don’t see sweet Kathryn ever being a linebacker blurring up photos,  though. 

But I wouldn’t have expected that of my sweet Girlie, either :)

 The calves came over to check out the action while the girls played outside. These poor young whippersnappers never got the memo that humans don’t always come bearing food.
 I did feel kinda bad for laughing at their dinner hanging out of their mouth. And for getting up their hopes then leaving them.

Doc cocks an eyebrow and looks weary when I talk about cows and their feelings. 

However he doesn’t get weary talking about food. Filling up your plate is serious business to a Price. 

And eating is, too.

 It’s so true that you don’t just marry the person- you marry the family! 

Their love for us and the way they’ve brought me right in as if I’ve always been there makes me so thankful for this remarkable family. 

I’m a blessed, blessed girl. 

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