My Favorite Room

Welcome to my kitchen!

I’m usually tripping over cowgirl boots, Chacos, little purple shoes, or my own very clunky Danskos while scurry back and forth fixing dinner.
Munchkin 2 loves to make “lists” like I do. Imitation is the truest form of flattery! I think it’s so cute, even when those lists she scribbles all over are pretty invitations off the fridge.

Speaking of the fridge, this is Munchkin 1’s way to pass time and within a ten foot radius of me.

The most recent non-essential food item I made in this wonderful little room was chex mix and cranberry bread. Mom makes them every year a few days before Thanksgiving and the smell reminds me that it really is the end of November, even if it’s almost warm enough outside to keep my windows open (no offense intended guys- I really do love the South!).
These apples are the last of a half-bushel bag of seconds I bought and they’re still sitting on my counter because I’m hoping I’ll get so fed up with them taking up precious counter space that I’ll break down and make some applesauce (or apple crisp, or apple cake, or apple something!).
They are driving me crazy, but you can see how motivated I am to put them to good use.
Enough about lousy apples….
I love these vintage little shelves (okay not “shelves”- I can’t think of a more vintagey-delicates sounding word, but you get the idea) and I especially love seeing my ingredients in jars next to the window like this.

The real reason I love my kitchen so much is because it’s where I spend the most quality time with my girlies. I don’t have a picture of that, though, because usually I’m enjoying the moment too much to stop and take a photograph. :)

One thought on “My Favorite Room

  1. Remember that you and your sisters spent quality time with mom in the kitchen…the beat goes on. -dad Will

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