Snapshots from the Weekend- Friday Nite Edition

It was a doozy of a week, and the weekend was already promisingly busy, so I really, really wanted to make something good for dinner Friday night.   Planning and creating something that makes my Manly man happy because it tastes good and fills him up, me happy because it looks pretty and fills my tummy, and the girls happy because…. Daddy and Mama are happy (I can’t lie- they didn’t appreciate the food) just starts a crazy weekend off with some organization and beauty and…. happiness….  all around.
I really did think this hard about it.
Anyway…. deep thoughts about dinner aside… here’s the layout and how to make it to feed four hungry souls. And I can’t measure ingredients to save my life (which is probably why things in my sweet kitchen only turn out well roughly 40% of the time) (but this turned out well, which is why I’m sharing it with you!).
Roasted Squash:
-Slice two butternut squashes in half lengthwise (they’re cheap as free this time of year! Sort of.)
-Scoop out the seeds (they’re harder to scoop than you’d think)
-Spread some olive oil all over the halves and sprinkle with salt
-Bake in a pyrex dish at 400 degrees
-Flip ’em halfway through
-They should be almost fork-tender- I baked these for about 40 minutes
Spanish Rice: (my take on it)
-Two cups of rice (I used brown)
-Rinse it so that the dust doesn’t keep it from being sticky when all is said and done
-Add the rice with about two cups of chicken broth and a pint jar of home canned tomatoes, juice included, to a pot with a good lid on it (a 14 oz. can of whole tomatoes would probably do the trick too)
-Cover the pot and turn stove to high- but keep an eye on it
-As soon as it starts getting spitty (or is at a good boil in layman’s terms), cut it down to low
-Resist the temptation to lift the lid and take a peek at it! You want to keep it steamy, baby.
-After 20ish minutes you can check on it. If it’s done, fluff it with a fork and replace the lid until it’s time to eat.
Red Beans, Simply
-Start en la noche the evening before
-Rinse and sort roughly two cups of dry red beans
-Soak those mamas all night long in nice, cold water
-En la mañana, change the water and fire up the crockpot
-Cook the beans & clean water (use a LOT of water- you can always dump some out later) in the crockpot on low all the way til dinnertime. Or if you slept in and are having an early dinner, cook ’em on high for a few hours, then turn them down about halfway through the day
-Just before supper, saute half a chopped onion in the skillet with some cumin and oregano
-Drain the beans but leave enough bean water on them to keep them moist
-Add spicy onions to the beans, and you’re done!

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