Saturday Edition: Part 2

Fashion Show!

(yes this is her baby) (and yes I want one)
The thing I was most excited about was the fashion show. Clothes & accessories were donated by Gap Maternity, Heaven’s Rain Maternity downtown Asheville, Two Chicks Consigment Shop, and It’s All In the Bag

The models were from a local adolescent parenting program and they were fantastic!

The BRCC Cosmetology School volunteered their hair and make-up skills and made these mamas look so beautiful.

I loved these babies!!!!!

And no, Bath & Body Works didn’t have a hand in any of this. They’re gettin’ a buncha free advertisin’ an’ it ain’t fittin’ if you ask me, it jes ain’t fittin’. (Please don’t count the apostrophes). (I don’t know what’s gotten into me tonight.) (Full moon?)

Friends, parents, grandparents, wayfarers, and myself were all taking pictures, and I loved that the camera flashes set the mood and made it feel like a real catwalk! Not that I’ve ever been to a fashion show, let alone even seen a real catwalk. But in my overactive imagination’s mind’s eye, it felt like the real deal. And regardless, I think the models felt it too, which is all that was important. :)

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