Saturday Edition: Part 1

Birth & Breastfeeding Expo:

I was a total sucker and volunteered to “help” with this expo. 

—Valuable Life Lesson Learned— 
Never, never, ever offer help to someone who’s going a huge, impossible project alone. Or if you’re too compassionate not to or just absolutely love their cause, or just a total sucker for saying yes way too often, give a veeeerrrryyy specific offer- not just a “Hey I can help!” kinda offer, or you’ll be sucked in to the point of no return. Trust me.

Having a better attitude about it…..

We had 60+ very cool non-sales vendors ( the health food co-op here in town snuck in a coolerful of wraps and much-appreciated tabouleh. I was starving). 
I found an excuse to visit with almost all of the vendors at some point during the day and I took their obligatory business cards and brochures and oooed and aaaahhed as a way of telling them “thank you”. In case you’re wondering, I think it’s a  Slightly Desperate Event Planner and Totally Naive Vendor communication thing. But I think we understood each other =) Birth films and speakers were happenin’ in one of the event rooms and they got a good turnout. It was a success, I’m glad we did it, and I’m glad it’s done!

My Manly Husband humbled himself and came to the mall that morning, brought the girlies and the camera. They all played in the bouncehouse (minus the camera) and came to see me which made my morning :)

This guy did not make my morning. He’s a “life choices coach”. And a hypnotist. I had a hard time looking at him unsuspiciously.

Chai + family coming out to support the project-= Happy Mama :)


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