A Snapshot of My Weekend: Sunday Edition

**the last of four entries- scroll down to start at Friday

Our dear old brick house had the plainest and leakiest brown roof there ever was. Thanks to three of “Mr. Nathan’s Guys”, as my Girlies call them,  and Mr. Nathan himself, we now have a Charcoal, leak- free wonder. We’re paying them probably 40% of what we would have paid anyone else. Long story, but God provides in ways I don’t expect.
Back to Mr. Nathan’s Guys-  I think we got on their bad side when Keeper charged up the hill from the backyard and stuck his nose into their Burger King bag. I heard some commotion (all in Spanish- which neither Keeper nor I understood) from the roof and didn’t quite make it in a timely manner to prevent my worst fear at that moment:
 But Yes He Did-  Keeper made off with a mouthful of fries and I had to give the Guys a jar of my homemade salsa as a peace offering. 

And this whole time my husband, my Protector, my sweet loving soulmate, the one who vowed to stand beside me all the way, stood in the driveway smirking and shaking his head at me. And stood there.

We drove Keeper to Georgia yesterday and left him there. 

When Mr. Nathan starts “pickin’ on me!” (quoting Girlie 1),
 lately she’ll “pick on him right ba-ack!”. She loves it, and I kinda think he does too. 
She’s irresistable :)
I closed out the eventful and expensive weekend by hanging out with some dear friends. We passed around our wedding albums and drank Mango wine. And let me tell you, I’m not a wine person by any stretch of the imagination, but this stuff was good! 

And I only had one glass, if you must know ;)  
Because hanging out with dear friends was too lovely to miss.

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