How to Change the World

He’s a gunner
(lame, I know, but the only picture of this Guy on my computer right now!)

I just finished a book by Tracy Kidder called Mountains Beyond Mountains. He tells the story of Paul Farmer, a doctor who co-founded Partners in Health. In my (humble) opinion, Dr. Farmer is more Christ-like than many people I know, and while he considers himself to be “religious”, I don’t get the idea that he just lives and breathes Christianity (consciously at least). I won’t tell you details about the book because I highly recommend that you read it yourself =)

Self-reflection and other such ramblings aside, I have to say that I came away from reading the book both inspired and relieved. Paul Farmer is not a perfect guy. He’s arrogant and in my (very humble) opinion, he doesn’t do everything right. But the important thing is that he does. He doesn’t just talk, he acts.  He doesn’t just give a little bit, he sacrifices.
I found that he and Doc share strong and good characteristics and personalities. I’m not saying I’m married to the next Paul Farmer- Doc’s not the type to follow someone else’s path when there’s another option available- but I did marry a doer. He went to a prestigious medical school and could have done a residency almost anywhere- was actually discouraged by some of his prestigious faculty members from going into family medicine at a small, no-name program. But he loves people and especially loves the “shafted” (Christ-like, anyone?). This residency is perfect for his aspirations. He’s working on energizing a field worker’s clinic for the hundreds of Hispanic migrant workers in the area. A few afternoons a week he and his comrades see the patients at the clinic here in Henderson county that no other practice in town will see (due to lack of insurance or because they’re just hard patients). He’s looking at post-residency jobs in places where people are passed over by most because they’re not cushy patients and the pay isn’t so hot. At his residency, he’s supported by faculty and fellow residents who understand and encourage his passion to serve people. And I dig that, because while he’s a tough guy, he’s not an island!
Adoption is another way that he does. Having a family and working sometimes 100+ hours a week ain’t easy! By God’s grace, he balances the two very well. And while some would say that $20,000 to adopt is better spent feeding the poor or supporting a missions project, I say, at least we’re doing something! It’s much easier to tell someone else how to spend their money, right?
I’m not naturally a doer myself. It’s too scary! I love to be around people who are and God was so good to me (and stretched me) by giving me this man. He’s the kind of guy who will change the world, not because he’s so tough or naturally “good at it”, but because he does.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “How to Change the World

  1. Thanks for writing this blog. Such a sweet testimony to and of Justin. You are a great soul mate for him.

  2. I love you guys so much. I am so proud of you and Justin and for following Christ's commands and example. What an inspiration you guys are to me!

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