Great-Grandma Eavie

This is a great lady and someone I’ve had the pleasure of being related to (through marriage) for over five years. Without her my husband and kiddos wouldn’t exist! And my kids wouldn’t have blue eyes either, come to think of it.
She still lives up on a ridge in the same white house she raised her kids in.  Her garden is simple and impressive considering her age. She’s been known to climb fences (mind you she’s a great-great grandma) with baskets of apples, lug them up the hill to her house, and can them all. Just last weekend she told me she put up 48 quarts of beans.

We spent two or three hours with her recently sitting in her newly-painted living room. Two of her daughters (one is Doc’s grandma) spent some time “cleaning up” her place. They painted two rooms white and hung lace cafe-style curtains in the bedroom. Grandma Eavie said she felt like she was waking up in a kitchen every morning.

Some of her brothers were bootleggers back in the day. We asked her to bring out the bottle of moonshine one of them left at her house decades ago. He had left it out, so she hid it from him.


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